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Hands open to receive
Prayer Ministry

At Strathcona Baptist church we recognize that we are all on a journey. We are seeking freedom from emotional, relational, and spiritual bondages, working toward a greater sense of wholeness with God, self and others. God cares deeply for us, and in the midst of our pain is always moving toward us with the desire of bringing truth and healing. In prayer ministry we join each other to wait on God and support one another as God brings truth and we follow Him in that truth which brings freedom.


The Intercessors group meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5:00–7:00 pm in the McDonald Room at SBC. In this meeting we unite in prayer for the people and ministries of SBC.

Candlight prayer gathering
SBC group gathred at Winter Camp
Small Groups

What is a Small Group? It’s an opportunity to meet people, make friends, grow in faith, and have fun!

It is a group of people, (usually up to 12) who gather together regularly to help each other grow in spiritual maturity and service. Most groups meet weekly, and are led by one or two people. The goal is to facilitate the spiritual growth of the members of the group.

Greenhouse (Children’s Ministry)

Every Sunday, kids at SBC have an opportunity to have fun and make friends at The Greenhouse. Children from under 1 year old to elementary school age can engage and be encouraged in their growing faith through age appropriate activities, such as stories, role play, and arts and crafts.

Children’s ministry volunteers are held to the highest standards of safety and care deeply for the children in their care.

Classroom in the Greenhouse
Guest Worship Team
Worship Service

Every Sunday, Strathcona Baptist gathers for Worship.  The Ministry of Worship is multi-faceted, and calls for people with a variety of interests, talents, and giftings:

Worship Teams: Those people with the ability to sing or play an instrument and those who work the sound board and video projection/live stream

Readers/Prayers: People who read scripture or lead the congregation in prayer

Welcomers: Those who welcome people to the service, and provide assistance to anyone with limited mobility

Hosts: Those involved with serving coffee and treats, as well as clean up after


At least four times a year, on Sunday mornings before service, SBC hosts 3D (Discipleship, Dialogue, and Donuts) where we can be encouraged in our faith, and learn more about topics such as the meaning of evangelism, or forgiveness.  Of course, donuts and coffee are included as well to get folks out a bit earlier than usual!

The Cross
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